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5-ways-to-make-memorable-experiences-abroad-t 5 Ways to Make Memorable Experiences Abroad -

It should not take us half a lifetime to realise that in life it is more important to ‘collect moments, not things’.
Whoever has already come to this conclusion, certainly has experienced the added values, moments bring to your life.
Things, of any material kind, come and go, and give you pleasure temporarily. Experiences teach you life lessons, show different perspectives and open up your understanding in such ways that once you’ve gone through them, you wouldn’t give them up again for anything. They’re memories which give you joy that lasts a lifetime.
If you’ve ever considered making a step to another country, here are 5 ways how you can fully enjoy the time abroad.

1) Plan a Spontaneous Trip Abroad

What once used to be too expensive, is today affordable for the majority. In our day and age, travel has become an accessible activity for almost anyone. Young people especially have numerous ways how to travel abroad and explore the world, for very cheap. Sometimes, with the use of certain student benefits, travel can end up costing very little.
So with the possibilities that we have today, there are no excuses for not travelling, as it is a quite realistic and viable option.

2) Work Abroad

There are various opportunities around to find work abroad. Here at SeasonAbroad, we have positions from all over. During spring, you can find work for the summer season in especially southern countries, and during fall, companies start opening vacancies for amazing ski resorts. Of course, all-year-round, companies are posting openings from everywhere.
Working abroad can be a very pleasant experience. You meet new people, colleagues, that turn into life-long friends.

3) Study Abroad

It does not always have to be about work. There are many good schools abroad that give you the opportunity to continue pursuing your education, while enjoying another environment. Many people choose to study an entire diploma, in another country. Others go for a semester as part of their own school programme. Whatever your case, it’s always a good idea to pack and go.

4) Attend Festivals or Participate in Cultural Events

Concerts, carnivals, culinary experiences, festivals, the list is full of great events around the world that give you a good look into another culture and its people. These are fantastic reasons to go abroad, for an amazingly fun experience. Some of the best ways to connect with the local culture is through story, song, dance and food.

5) Get to Know a New Language

Imagine sitting by the beach, the sun heating you, while you’re speaking with a local, and getting the best possible lesson in the local language.
Whether you’re studying or working abroad, why not combine work with pleasure, and learn a new language along the way.


There are great global experiences for everyone’s liking and need. You’re never too young or old to experience something new. The sooner you do, the better, and while you do, make sure you soak up as much new information, experience, joy and energy you can. We’ve given some suggestions above for how to enjoy an experience abroad to its fullest. Now it’s up to you.

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5 Ways to Make Memorable Experiences Abroad