Friday, September 29, 2023

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About Us

SeasonAbroad is an online job portal for people that wish to find work abroad.

We love what we do. It’s who we are, and we value the desire to explore. That is why with over 20+ years of experience in the industry of international and cross-cultural hospitality, we aspire to provide a platform that facilitates dreams in becoming reality.

We’re not adding to an existing market. We’re creating a new one. While many job portals exist, people who wish to work abroad, have been left behind. By returning focus to this community, we’re championing a new path for people with the desire to go out and explore. We exist because we believe in following your dreams.

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Our Solution

At SeasonAbroad, we all work together to bridge the distance between companies and candidates. Summer and ski resort companies, looking for candidates in other countries, either don’t have the time, or knowledge in approaching candidates internationally, oftentimes being forced to rely on third-party agencies.

Through SeasonAbroad, candidates have access to the many wonderful locations and companies that look for talented people, and the companies have a direct connection to a pool of multi-lingual and talented candidates with the exact requirements and intent of working abroad.    


“To encourage and support the desire to explore and act on one’s dreams, by providing a network that enables easy linking between candidate and their dream destinations.”

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We were inspired by the desire to innovate. In return, we inspire everyone to follow their dreams. That is why SeasonAbroad is committed to enabling candidates to explore our planet.

SeasonAbroad was inspired by a real-life event. An individual, going through the difficulties with third-party agencies, in pursuit of moving and working abroad.

We passionately believe in using our knowledge for something good, and contributing our expertise to providing a platform, where both candidates and companies can connect with each other easier and faster.

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Our Culture

We help our team members grow both personally and professionally. At SeasonAbroad we encourage everyone to attend events, share their passions and take time to learn new skills and develop themselves.

Our long devotion to the hospitality industry has come to stand for the way we do things; with passion, spirit, instinctive intelligence and teamwork.

Let’s Talk About You!

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you’re a candidate searching for work abroad, or you are a company searching for candidates, you need a reliable network and a platform that addresses your needs. So feel free to create an account and get closer to your goals!

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Marina About SeasonAbroad - (OLD)
MARINA A. In Malta Accounts Administrator “I wasn’t born here. Nor raised. One day, I picked this place on a map, decided to move and start a new life. SeasonAbroad was exactly what I needed, to reach my goal. Till now, I don’t regret my decision. And I truly doubt I ever will.”  
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Greg1 About SeasonAbroad - (OLD)
GREG C. In Malta Guest Relations Assistant Manager “I now live in Malta for a while, and it’s the best adventure of my life! After applying for my position on SeasonAbroad, I was offered the job, and will never regret taking this opportunity. The warm weather is amazing, 9 months of summer! I’ve gotten friends for life and great work experience.”  


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