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SeasonAbroad is a Community providing Resources, Help & Interviews with Inspiring People Across the World, with the Goal & Mission to Encourage Likeminded Young Professionals to Move, Study, Work and Travel Without Borders.

We are a community of experienced travellers, adventurers and those who are looking to take a leap into exploration and learning through travel abroad. This is an open and trustful space for a dialogue between believers in self-exploration, self-education and constant seeking when it comes to expanding outlook, knowledge and experience. Essentially, this is a place where both seekers and settlers can share and learn from one another about world travel, study, work and of course, life in every corner of our planet.

In a world where everything is becoming more accessible, we are strong believers that travelling has a tremendous impact on one’s character development and growth, mental well-being, life quality, overall value and appreciation of the beauty of oneself and others.

We love what we do, because we strive to live every day in an extraordinary and beautiful way.


In presenting to our community an opportunity and access to everything they need to know when it comes to travel, exploration, self-development and this lifestyle.





SeasonAbroad was an idea born following our Founder’s journey in discovering oneself, new places and re-discovering old places. Today, two people are behind the vision and mission of SeasonAbroad and both of us connected over the same values that drive us: passion, growth, exploration and knowledge.

We are two Chief Idea and Chief Solution Officers. We are believers in that what comes as a dream can be fulfilled completely or come as close to it as possible.

We want to give our community a chance to grow, share and learn from your travel, study, work and life experiences. We want to give you an insight into yourself and bring out the best in you.


Our inspiration is our community. We want to know more of your travel experiences, your bravery to take action, your processes, your memories and life lessons.

We get inspired by our members’ stories about both hardships and successes, rises and falls - we want to know them all. We love sharing our paths with all of you, for whom we create this content, environment and community.

We live by following our main value of encouragement of others and ourselves. We stand by our ideas of introducing value in everything one does, in pursuit of understanding oneself.

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To be The Go-To Resource for Young Audiences for


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At SeasonAbroad, we shorten the distance between people and their dreams. We create a community and an atmosphere of adventure and associations with better selves, and constant desire to grow when it comes to thinking and living to the fullest. We provide insight into self knowledge and self enrichment. We provide a platform to express and explore, and lastly we provide all the needed material when it comes to fulfilling your inner world, education, career and life.

Everyone’s home is someone’s travel destination and a dream life. By sharing the ins and outs of unique experiences we believe we can make a world a better place for all, where dreams come to life, and are fulfilled.

Through SeasonAbroad, we want our community to learn that there are many like-minded individuals just like yourself - inspired, grateful, driven and fulfilled.


We help our team members grow both personally and professionally. At SeasonAbroad we encourage everyone to attend events, share their passions and take time to learn more about, and develop themselves.

Our long devotion to self discovery, development and fulfilment has come to stand for the way we do things; with passion, spirit, instinctive intelligence and teamwork.

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SeasonAbroad gets you closer to realising your dreams. We are devoted, we listen, we share, we accept and we respond.

Your next step is you, and you are important.

Join us in seeing the world and yourself in all your glory, through our experiences and perspectives, the eyes of travellers, and eventually your own eyes too.

SeasonAbroad gets you closer to realising your dreams.