Monday, July 6, 2020

From Iceland with Love

One of our loyal readers and an adventurous traveller Irina has shared her photo report of a “once in a lifetime” trip to Iceland.

From peaceful sceneries to active volcanoes, beautiful caves and whale watching – all of that is Iceland!

More pictures of Irina’s travels can be found on her Instagram page where she is known as lady_irishkasham


Jordan and Israel: There and Back

In the early '90s, when Hector Sanchez was still young, he would watch the Indiana Jones trilogy over and over and marvel at the scene in "The Last Crusade" when they arrived at the Holy Grail temple. He always said that he would go there one day. After years of waiting, that moment finally came.

Chernobyl: Unforgettable Forgotten

We are continuing with the photo coverage of some of the most memorable trips taken by Hector Sanchez, one of our passionate and devoted world travellers.

Soccer Camp in Bangthali, Nepal

Hector Sanchez is an avid traveller from Spain who has been to more than 55 countries around the world. Hector has also been writing his own blog for the past 12 years where he details his amazing trips beyond borders in every corner of the globe. Hector's adventures are vividly documented via essays, photos and videos at

Lipno – An Uncut Gem of the Czech Republic

Victoria and Konstantin visited Lipno to get away from the business of Prague and enjoy the serenity of a dam and nature.

Rainy Brussels and Long Walks

Make sure you take your umbrella when travelling during a rainy season to the heart of Belgium. Victoria and Konstantin yet again strolled the streets and alleys of a gothic city of Brussels where the architecture of light meets the dark.
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Birthday in Rome

Rome is a magical place! No wonder, Konstantin and Victoria chose Rome for a special occasion to celebrate her birthday! Italy holds a special place in Victoria's heart and Rome was everything she had wished for.

From Iceland with Love

From Iceland with Love by Irina Shamraeva

Bergen by Day and Night

Konstantin and Victoria are adventurous travellers whether it is for work or pleasure. Together, they have been to many countries visiting not so common sight seeings but rather choosing the most vibrant places to create their memories.

From Iceland with Love

From Iceland with Love by Irina Shamraeva
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