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Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens


It was the beginning of October when we arrived in the Greek capital of Athens. Instantly, we entered a Greek Summer State of mind. It was all about feeling free and feeling safe. 

The vibrant city of Athens let us know immediately that it would offer countless activities and beautiful memories. In the end, it is a renown historic capital of Europe – an ancient city with rich culture and iconic sites.

As we stumbled out of the airport we were hit by a 33+ degree-heat. Forgetting about the rainy days in the city we flew from. Just in a 40-minute ride from the airport, we arrived at the doors of the Grand Hyatt Athens where we were shown the warmest welcome and hospitality by the staff and Mrs. Sofia Vaimakis, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Grand-Hyatt-Athens-2 Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens

During our three day stay we immersed ourselves in enjoying all the services the hotel can offer, as well as having had the chance to speak to Sofia about Grand Hyatt Athens which opened its doors in 2018; becoming the first Hyatt hotel in the capital and the first Grand Hyatt branded hotel in Greece. 

The property is located next to the Onassis Cultural Centre and combines dramatic architecture with innovative design, easily accessible to historic sites and best-in-class restaurants and amenities.

The Ideal location of the hotel is only within walking distance to the beautiful old town of Plaka and the infamous Acropolis site, while golf courses, the passenger port terminal of Piraeus and the golden beaches of the Athens southern suburbs are just a short car ride away.

We first spoke to Sofia about the meaning behind the hotel’s architecture and interior, and it turns out the hotel had chosen to celebrate the iconic Greek culture by incorporating curated art. Throughout the hotel, we were lucky to find the original pieces from the Museum of Cycladic Art, reminding us of ancient Athens. 

Our discussion with Sofia took place in the hotel’s glamorous lobby which showcases an extraordinary art installation called The Coin, made from replicated, ancient Athenian coins representing the Greek economic supremacy in the fifth century BC. The same lobby is also decorated with enormous Swarovski chandelier which is so grand, one cannot miss it. 

Designed with bold and vibrant features, the hotel has 309 guestrooms, 38 of which are suites, including the Presidential Suite, Royal Suite and four Grand Executive Suites with terraces. The rooms feature spectacular views of either the Acropolis, the cityscape or the inner landscaped garden. 

Grand-Hyatt-Athens-P035-Deluxe-Two-Twin-Acropolis-View-Guestroom.16x9-1-1024x576 Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens

We stayed in a room suitable for business travelers and independent travelers, inclusive of special amenities, natural cosmetics and design toiletries, which complemented to spacious and luxurious stay.

Every morning throughout our three-day stay, we had breakfast at the property’s rooftop’s spectacular Penthouse Restaurant called “The Grand by Interni”. Due to Greek Post Covid safety regulations, our food was served to us by an amazing staff that were kind enough to help us at the buffet. While eating, we were able to enjoy the views overlooking the Acropolis of Athens through transparent glass as well as an outdoor swimming pool with impressive views.

3-1024x768 Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens

During the day, we spent our time in a more relaxed environment in the “Aphrodite” lobby lounge & bar offering patisserie selections and drinks.

1-1024x768 Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens
5-2-768x1024 Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens

There is also the wellness center “The Grand Harmony Spa” which features four private treatment rooms, an indoor 25-meter heated swimming pool (which is normally open but due to recent restrictions was closed), relaxation lounges and a gym which is open 24 hours a day.

Sofia spoke to us that at the moment with a little more than 50 percent occupancy, Grand Hyatt stays optimistic, vibrant and dynamic. “It is suitable for all groups of travelers – business travelers, young independent travelers and families.”

Grand Hyatt Athens is not only a great accommodation but it also offers the perfect venue for every type of event, with seven flexible multi-functional meeting spaces for up to 1,000 guests. 

We spoke with Sofia about Grand Hyatt’s plans for expansion and just next door another building is currently under construction which will increase Hyatt’s occupancy to 500 rooms from May 2022. 

Historically, attracting visitors from all over Europe and beyond, Athens remains a beautiful place to explore for a few days or as a stop-over on the way to Corfu or other islands. Sofia spoke to us about the history of travel to Greece by Germanic-speaking countries and Balkan nations, French and British, and how with time more and more people travel to Greece to experience its mainland and islands.

Prepared for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve brunches and celebrations at a well-known roof-top restaurant with amazing accommodating views of the fireworks over Athens, Hyatt is equipped to host residents and tourists of Athens alike. “In winter Athens is a great place to visit on the way to Kalavryta, Parnassus and Pelium skiing areas” – said Sofia. 

Our trip to Athens was unforgettable thanks to a warm and bespoke hospitality shown to us by our hosts at Grand Hyatt Athens. 

Even though with the progression of the coronavirus outbreak, at Grand Hyatt Athens, the health, safety and well-being of all their guests and staff remains their top priority. On a daily basis, the hotel is working to ensure that it meets the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning. During our stay we did not experience any intrusion into what would be a normal stay. It was the best possible experience that a 5-star hotel could give to their guests. 

Shall you find yourself travelling to Greece this winter season and next year, choose Grand Hyatt Athens, where there is Safety First, Well-Being Always and forever a Greek Summer State of Mind.


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Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens

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