Monday, August 10, 2020
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Mister X Unmasked

If you knew the story of Georg Ots and all of the beginnings and the end you would not believe it. A man who openly confessed his love to life and hoped so much for its reciprocity was at times not sure that the feeling was mutual. And it is understandable.

Prague wished Farewell to Uncertain Times with servings on Charles Bridge

Prague residents and visitors were invited to an unconventional feast on June 30th. Everyone was welcome to come and dine at a half-kilometer table right on the Charles Bridge.

Lena Salmi: Being Yourself is Enough

Lena Salmi is an avid traveller, an artist, a skateboarder, a graffiti writer, a sports journalist, competitive swimmer and an amazingly inspiring and cheerful individual from Helsinki, Finland.

Going Places Takes Us Places

The SAS ad from 2018 can't be more timely than now. Go places and take your loved ones with you.