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Weekend by Berlin Wall

Whenever in Berlin, you visit the Wall. United Berlin is a place to be and Victoria and Konstantin depicted it exactly right. Industrial motives and urban architecture, and of course, the history and memories which have withstood the test of time - this is Berlin.

Birthday in Rome

Rome is a magical place! No wonder, Konstantin and Victoria chose Rome for a special occasion to celebrate her birthday! Italy holds a special place in Victoria's heart and Rome was everything she had wished for.

Bergen by Day and Night

Konstantin and Victoria are adventurous travellers whether it is for work or pleasure. Together, they have been to many countries visiting not so common sight seeings but rather choosing the most vibrant places to create their memories.

Czechia – A Place I Call Home

As part of the stories From Our Readers, a Co-Creator of SeasonAbroad has shared her story about coming to the Czech Republic...

From Iceland with Love

From Iceland with Love by Irina Shamraeva
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Barut Hotels, a hotel brand of 50 years in Turkish tourism industry

Iconic brand of hotels is celebrating its 50th Anniversary

Jan Herget & CzechTourism

Jan Herget: “The pandemic has accelerated my main goal – the digitalisation of CzechTourism.” World tourism is going through...

Lucie Ledvinova & THE FIZZ Prague

Lucie Ledvinova is a House Manager at THE FIZZ Prague – a new student housing in a vibrant area of Holesovice.

Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens

Just in a 40-minute ride from the airport, we arrived at the doors of the Grand Hyatt Athens where we were shown the warmest welcome and hospitality.