Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Dubai has opened a hotel for tourists travelling with pets

Travel with your pet to exotic Dubai! Dubai's Radisson RED Hotel accepts visitors with pets

Travellers named a few places of disappointment rather than enjoyment

Find out which famous landmarks were rated low by world travellers who took part in the online survey

Top 10 places where the famous movies were filmed

Explore new countries by following the movie sets' trails all over the globe. Discover the sights that most inspired the directors in creation of the Oscar-winning cinematic treasures.

Top 10 Hotels for Nature Lovers

Discover the top hotels for nature lovers for a serene escape from busy cities. Travel More - Worry Less.

Top best and worst cities in the world to move to

Discover the best cities to move to as an expat. A group of international experts has compiled a list of the best and worst cities in the world to relocate.

Sweet journey: TOP 10 of the most delicious desserts in the world to tease your senses with

Cakes, sweets, casseroles, muffins, puddings, ice cream - it seems that in any country in the world people cannot do without something sweet. Travel across the world to taste the most delicious desserts.
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Barut Hotels, a hotel brand of 50 years in Turkish tourism industry

Iconic brand of hotels is celebrating its 50th Anniversary

Jan Herget & CzechTourism

Jan Herget: “The pandemic has accelerated my main goal – the digitalisation of CzechTourism.” World tourism is going through...

Lucie Ledvinova & THE FIZZ Prague

Lucie Ledvinova is a House Manager at THE FIZZ Prague – a new student housing in a vibrant area of Holesovice.

Time Well Spent at Grand Hyatt Athens

Just in a 40-minute ride from the airport, we arrived at the doors of the Grand Hyatt Athens where we were shown the warmest welcome and hospitality.