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Reach thousands of targeted candidates for your vacancies!

Fast: Post your vacancies in minutes
Simple: Manage your applications on our website

You get free screening and ranking tools
You also get superior candidate management tools
View the status of your active job postings on your SeasonAbroad homepage to see how many job seekers have viewed or applied to your job.

How to Use
Posting your job is easy.
Do it yourself! – without the need of external foreign recruitment agencies

It’s fast and effective
Just provide a job title, job description, and location. It’s really that simple. Of course, we recommend you add as much relevant detail as possible to make your job ad as attractive and informative as possible to job seekers.
When you buy an ad package on SeasonAbroad, you can publish the ad(s) right after your purchase or use the ad(s) at any time within 10 months from the date of purchase (in the case of the “Max Display” package). You see your bought ads directly when you log into the recruitment tool, which is included for free.

When posting jobs on SeasonAbroad, you can:
– Make your positions and company visible to thousands of candidates.
– Quickly publish your positions with our online tools.
– Have your ad online for minimum 30 days and whole way up to 60 days, or in the case of purchasing more; repost the same position, or post a new one.
– Have your logo and company name in the ad.
– Write unlimited text and the ability to change the ad at any time during the advertising period.
– Effectively organise ads and communication with candidates.

Why should you use SeasonAbroad for your recruitment?
1 It is easy. You can publish ads and manage applications with our included free recruitment tools.
2. We service. Ability to reach thousands of candidates today.
3. You reach candidates directly by email. Your job ad will actually also be sent out to all the candidates that have signed up to our frequent newsletters.
4. On top of that, as an additional bonus, we publish your positions on our Social Media accounts, where our followers get immediate notifications and can see your advertised positions.
5. It is inexpensive. You save thousands of euro compared, for example to advertising in the press or hiring foreign recruitment agencies.
6. We are both locally and globally, and we can help you find staff both in your country and abroad.
7. We have the most innovative products. We put great resources into developing new, smart recruitment solutions to make your everyday life easier.

How to quickly find the right competencies:
SeasonAbroad has a large CV database, so no matter what kind of skills you’re looking for, chances are that you find the right employee at SeasonAbroad. Our recruitment tools help you fast forward to the right candidates – without reading through hundreds of CVs.

Find the right candidates immediately:
After receiving an application from a candidate, by pressing one button you can contact them directly through SeasonAbroad’s communication tool and book an interview today.

Purchasing choices:
1: Buy and publish an ad when you need it.
2: Buy an ad package and save money. The more ads you buy at the same time the lower the price per. ad you get. You can use the ad(s) at any time during a period of 10 months from the date of purchase (in the case of the “Max Display” package).



All prices are VAT exclusive.

Note: When purchasing a ‘Job Package’ above, there will be an option on top of the ‘Checkout’ page to upload an image. You do not need to upload any files, unless you are buying an ‘Ad Space’ package, in which case we would need an image from you. For more information about advertising on SeasonAbroad, visit our ‘Advertise with Us’ page.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our ads:
– How do I handle the applications?
If you choose to receive your requests via SeasonAbroad, you get both an e-mail application to your chosen e-mail address and simultaneously also a storage application in our recruitment system. Here you can easily sort the applications and communicate with candidates. In this way, it is easy to keep track of your recruitments and no applications disappear in spam filters.

– Can I later change the details and text of my ad:
Yes. You can change the details and text of your ad(s) at any time during the advertising period.

– Can I post more than one position in an ad?
No. you cannot post more than one position in one ad. Doing this is would get your job postings rejected. Continuously violating these policies may get your account permanently deleted.

– I have a few answers. What can I improve?
Look at the advert again. Maybe you inadvertently “scare” candidates away with exaggerated demands. If so, edit the ad and delete the less important. You receive more answers when you provide more details in your job descriptions, such as: salary (at least in the range) and working hours (shift or fixed). First, check the requirements for candidates. If they are too high, reduce the less important.

– When does the ad appear online?
Depending on your payment method; it can be either the same day, or as soon as we receive the payment on our account, (this may take up to 3 days). We’ll always send you a confirmation e-mail.

– How do I write a good ad?
Candidates are most attracted by offers that sound as concrete as possible. Write the exact title of the position, requirements for education and experience. Provide as much information as possible.

Tip: Outline the salary and distribution of working time and look forward to more answers. Remember to “boast” in the ad and job descriptions as this paints a positive image of your company and the positions advertised. It is also important to mention the location.

I still have a lot more questions.
We will be happy to answer any of them. Write us .

Note: Job descriptions and details can be added after you have made your purchase of a package.

For information on how you can advertise on SeasonAbroad, visit our Advertise with Us page!

SeasonAbroad thanks you for your confidence and trust in us, and it is our pleasure to offer you our service. SeasonAbroad reserves the right to reject job postings that are not bona-fide recruitment ads, or for any other reason that we believe is not in SeasonAbroad’s best interest.