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Privacy FAQs

What is the SeasonAbroad Network?

When we talk about the SeasonAbroad network, we mean the websites and applications owned or controlled by SeasonAbroad. These include SeasonAbroad’s job search websites, the SeasonAbroad communities and other apps published by SeasonAbroad, and any other property that we create or acquire. Information may be shared among any of the sites or applications in the SeasonAbroad network, but it will always be used as described in the privacy policy of the site or application where it was collected. You should read the Privacy Policy carefully to understand how it applies to information collected on the site or application you are using.

Since your website is free, are you selling my information?

You may have heard that advertising and sales of lists allow many sites to offer services without charge to users. We do sell advertising space on our site as well, but we don’t share your contact information with marketers unless you give us your consent, such as by responding to an ad on our site, signing up for partner offers, or publicly posting information on SeasonAbroad or other sites. In addition, we allow employers to advertise their open positions and access our database of CVs and profiles for candidates qualified for those positions.

What information does SeasonAbroad store about me in its database?

When you use SeasonAbroad, we store the following information about you in our database:

1. Information collected directly from you, such as your name, contact information (e.g., address, email address, telephone number), and CV. We collect your postal code, preferences, occupation, career history, interests, and favourites. We may also collect your age, gender, race or ethnicity, if permitted by local law and you choose to give it to us, such as when you create an account.

Other types of information that we collect, depending on the services you use, is:

  • Information about your education, occupation, skills and experience, awards, memberships and affiliations, activities and interests
  • Information imported by you or your connections from third party applications
  • Information about third parties, such as references or contacts, that you provide to us if you have their express written consent to do so
  • Credit card number and billing information (for services requiring payment)

2. Information collected automatically while you use SeasonAbroad, such as:

  • Date of account creation
  • Date and time of last login
  • Date and time of CV creation
  • Date and time of last CV modification
  • Number of failed login attempts
  • Jobs applied to
  • Jobs viewed
  • Login history
  • IP addresses from which you logged in
  • Special offers presented
  • Special offers accepted

We also automatically collect information about your device (e.g., IP address, device ID, physical location, browser and operating system type) and the way you navigate through our sites or applications, including the website that sent you to SeasonAbroad, and “clickstream” data – the pages you’ve visited and the places where you’ve clicked on each page.

3. We may collect publicly-available information about you from other websites. We may use this information to create a profile for you and to provide job opportunities and other services to you.

What else does SeasonAbroad know about me?

In addition to the information we store about you in our database, we store some information on your device using cookies. Cookies are used to keep track of your personalised settings and things you’ve seen or done on the site. Cookies are saved on your device, allowing you to delete them any time you want. For more information on cookies, visit the Cookie Info page.

SeasonAbroad also buys information about your interests from third parties and uses this information to serve personalised ads to you.

How does SeasonAbroad use this information?

We use your information to enable you to manage your career, to build a professional network, to troubleshoot problems, to prevent fraud, to serve personalised advertising, and to help us improve the services we offer to you. We may also use your information to contact you about SeasonAbroad site updates, conduct surveys, or informational and service-related communications, including important security updates.

Does SeasonAbroad sell my personal information?

SeasonAbroad does not sell your personal information to marketers, unless you authorise us to provide marketers with that information. It is a violation of our Terms of Use for companies to purchase access to our CV and profile database and use it for marketing. If a company uses your CV or profile to market products to you, let us know so we can investigate the matter.

Who does SeasonAbroad share my information with?

We share information with employers and others who may have access to SeasonAbroad’s CV and profile database. We share your information with third parties who help us deliver our own products and services to you. These third parties may not use that information for any purpose other than assisting us in providing those products and services.

If you give us your consent, we may use your information to contact you about other products or services available from our affiliates. With your consent, we may also share your information with third parties who may contact you about their products or services.

We may disclose to third parties information we have collected from other websites. We may also share information where legally required.

How long does SeasonAbroad keep my personal information?

We believe that managing your career is a life-long process and we retain all the information we gather about you in an effort to make your continued use with us more efficient, practical, and relevant. We keep your personal information until you tell us to delete it or until we determine you are no longer using your account. You can modify or delete your SeasonAbroad account information at any time by logging in to your account and making the desired changes or deleting your account. If you do not have a SeasonAbroad account, you may make one.

If you do not log in to your account or interact with our services, including continuing to receive emails from us, for a significant period of time, your account will expire and be scheduled for removal from our site. This includes your account information, professional network connections, and your saved CVs and cover letters.

If your account is deleted, you can create a new account. You can use your previously deleted email address or you can use a new email address.

What are you doing to protect my personal information?

SeasonAbroad has implemented measures designed to protect your personal information from accidental loss and from unauthorised access, use, alteration or disclosure. However, the Internet is an open system, and we cannot guarantee that unauthorised third parties will never be able to defeat those measures or use your personal information for improper purposes.

Keep in mind that one of our primary purposes is to provide you with a platform to broadcast your CV and account information widely to employers and to maximize your career opportunities. This environment does present a risk that unauthorised third parties will view your CV, so your CV should not contain any sensitive data, including personality profiles or other data that you would not want made public.

What can I do to protect my personal information on SeasonAbroad?

Create a strong password, keep it secret, and change it regularly. Also, you should only share information that you are comfortable making public. You should not provide any information that you consider sensitive, such as racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, philosophical or religious beliefs, membership of a trade union or political party, physical or mental health or genetic makeup, addictions, sexual life, past criminal offenses or proceedings, or National Insurance number.

For additional information on how you can protect yourself while using SeasonAbroad, visit our Security Center.

Does SeasonAbroad use cookies?

Yes, SeasonAbroad uses cookies. For more information on cookies, visit our Cookie Info page.

Do cookies contain my personal information?

SeasonAbroad cookies contain your first name, your region and postcode, and your IP address. This is so we can greet you by name when you visit the site, and so we can show you jobs in your area. SeasonAbroad cookies may also contain authentication information, user preferences, and categories of interest.  Some of this information is encrypted.

Does SeasonAbroad use cookies to track me?

SeasonAbroad shows targeted job ads to you. To do so effectively, SeasonAbroad uses cookies to track some of your activity on the site. When you search for a job on SeasonAbroad, we place a cookie on your device that contains information about the job you looked for. When you visit our site, we read that cookie and use the information in it to show you jobs similar to the ones you previously searched for.

We also buy advertising space on other sites. When you visit a site that has a SeasonAbroad ad on it, our ad can read your cookie, and we can tailor the ad to show jobs similar to those you have looked at previously.

For more information about our use of cookies to show you jobs we think you’d be interested in, read the Privacy Center page About Our Ads.

Does SeasonAbroad track my activity on non-SeasonAbroad sites?

SeasonAbroad does not track your personal activities outside of the SeasonAbroad network unless you click on a SeasonAbroad advertisement on another site. If you do, we will keep track of the ad you saw and the site where it was displayed.

Is someone actually looking at what I search for to match the job ads with my searches?

No. Targeted job ads are served based on the types of jobs you have previously viewed. This process is completely automated, does not involve any human matching, and is not linked to your personally identifiable information without your permission. We do review aggregated data to make sure the service is working as intended.

Do other advertisers use cookies on SeasonAbroad?

We allow other advertisers to display ads on our site. Their ads are served by their ad networks, and those ads may place a non-SeasonAbroad cookie on your device. You can often opt out of these cookies by visiting the advertisers’ website and opting out. You can decline third-party cookies by changing your browser settings as described on the Cookie Info page.

How long do the cookies I get from SeasonAbroad last?

The table below shows the duration of the common cookie types SeasonAbroad places on your device.


Cookie Type



Deleted when you close your browser

Security Cookies

60 days

Poll responses

90 days

Alliance cookie

90 days

Information notice

24 months

SeasonAbroad advertising

24 months

You may also receive cookies from non-SeasonAbroad advertisers. SeasonAbroad does not set cookies that come from non-SeasonAbroad companies. These cookies can last up to 20 years.

Can I delete cookies?

You can delete your cookies any time you want and as often as you want. Note that if you delete all of your cookies, you will also delete any opt out cookies that you may have set to prevent tailored advertisements.

Does SeasonAbroad use Flash cookies?

SeasonAbroad uses Flash cookies, but they do not collect or link to any personal information. We use the Flash cookies to save video player settings and to help fight fraud. You can adjust the settings for your Flash cookies on the Flash Player Help Website .

What emails will SeasonAbroad send me?

We send you emails:

  • Based on the subscriptions you chose when you created your account
  • Based on jobs you have searched for, applied to, or may be interested in
  • To help establish and maintain your professional network
  • Related to professional endorsements
  • That are account-related, including security alerts, account creation confirmations, and warnings if your account is about to expire.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving emails from SeasonAbroad?

You can unsubscribe from SeasonAbroad emails at any time. Note that we will always send you account-related emails. These are necessary to let you know about important notices such as security alerts. If you are a member of a SeasonAbroad Community, you will need to access your preference page on that Community to manage your subscriptions for that site.

What does SeasonAbroad do with my account information?

We use your account information to help you create your CV, build a professional network, match you to job opportunities or professional connections, provide personalised career advice, and show you targeted advertising. Your account information also lets you see recommended jobs based on your interests and compare your career progress with others in your profession.

Who can view my SeasonAbroad account information?

Your SeasonAbroad account information is not your CV so you’ll need to choose preferences independently of your CV visibility status.

You may select custom preferences by choosing to share only certain sections of your account, rather than your whole account. You may choose your visibility preference for account sections such as:

    • Contact Information
    • Professional Overview
    • Experience
    • Education
    • Certifications
    • Skills
    • Memberships & Awards
    • Interests
  • These account sections may be shared with everyone, or no one.

I keep hearing from a company I’m not interested in. What if I don’t want to hear from an employer again?

If you would like to stop hearing from a particular employer, you will need to ask that employer directly to stop contacting you. We only serve as a forum for employers to contact you and are not responsible for managing their contact with you.

Will SeasonAbroad tell employers if I have a CV on SeasonAbroad?

SeasonAbroad does not respond to requests asking for confirmation if an individual has a CV on SeasonAbroad. However, Visible CVs can be viewed by anyone with access to our CV database and employers may be able to locate your CV.

What happens if I delete my CV? Is it really gone?

If you delete a CV, it will be permanently deleted from SeasonAbroad’s production database and will be irretrievable. If your CV was visible, or if you used it to apply online for a job, employers, recruiters, and others with access to the CV database may have kept a copy of your CV. SeasonAbroad is not responsible for the retention, use, or privacy of CVs in these instances. We will still keep any other information you may have given to us unless you delete your account.

What happens when I apply to a job through SeasonAbroad?

When you apply to a job through SeasonAbroad, your CV and application information are sent to the employer that posted the job. If you created a CV while applying to this job, we will save a copy of that CV in our database for your convenience.

Employers receive your application information via email and also within their applicant tracking folders on SeasonAbroad. SeasonAbroad will send you a message to let you know that your application was sent successfully. The employer may separately choose to send you a message confirming receipt of your application. Some employers and recruiters may not respond immediately to your application. After you apply for a job, your complete application will be listed on your apply history page where you can track its status.

Note: Some employers use the apply button to take you directly to their company website. For those job applications, and for applications that you send directly to employers via email, fax, or postal mail, a record of the application will not show up on your apply history page.

How do employers use my job application information?

Employers may use your application information for a variety of recruitment and hiring purposes. They may use it to contact you about the status of your application. Employers may also enter your information into their own database to track the application and hiring process, and may use your application information to perform a background check.

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