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Product Terms



1.1 NELISEA s.r.o. (SEASONABROAD), with its registered office at Prague 6, Na Male Sarce 801, Post Code 164 00, ID No. 05814260, entered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, File C, Insert 271268, issues these Product Terms of for the Users (“Product Terms”) that stipulate conditions for the use of NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic Systems and relating Services by the Users.

1.2 The rights and obligations of NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) and the User that are not explicitly stipulated by these Product Terms shall be governed by Terms of the Use of NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic Systems available at (“Terms of Use”) and provisions of relevant legal regulations. If the Product Terms and Terms of Use differ, these Product Terms shall prevail.

1.3 Contact information is available at


2.1 The terms used in these Product Terms, however not specified in detail by these Product Terms, shall have the meaning defined in the Terms of Use.


3.1 The Service is provided by NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) via a relevant NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic System through which the Employers, Mediators and other entities may publish their job offers and the Users may respond to individual job offers, create the Account, or create their own Profile.

3.2 The Service is provided by NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) free of charge, unless these Product Terms stipulate otherwise.


4.1 The Users who are interested in the registration may register using the registration form available in the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic System by filling in true and errorless information about them. A correct entry of the user’s email address is necessary to complete the registration in the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic Systems. The registration of the User is free of charge.

4.2 The registration of the User results in the User Account creation.

4.3 The User may close his/her Account in the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic Systems anytime and free of charge by using a form to contact the support of the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic Systems, available at The closing of the Account shall result in the deletion of the Profile from the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic Systems (including all entered information and documents).

4.4 The User shall not disclose his/her unique login password created during the registration. If he/she loses the password, it will be renewed by a request of the User and sending of a link for its renewal to the User’s email address.


5.1 The use of certain Services shall be allowed to the Users solely pursuant to a successful registration. Such Services are provided starting from the User registration date in the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic System over the entire period of the Account existence, however no longer than throughout the operations of the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic System by NELISEA (SeasonAbroad).

5.2 Following the registration, the User shall be asked to create his/her own Account, for example for a purpose of his/her presentation to potential Employers. The Profile primarily contains principal information on the User, information on his/her work experience, education, language skills or practice from courses and training. The Profile is supposed to provide potential Employers with an overview of the most frequently demanded information on the User.

5.3 The information entered in the Profile that is intended to be displayed for potential Employers authorised to subsequently contact the User with a potential job offer shall be displayed in public parts of the NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic Systems in no later than 5 hours after a due sending of the information.

5.4 Pursuant to the information entered by the User or his/her activity in the relevant NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) Electronic System, NELISEA (SeasonAbroad) shall be authorised to send notifications and recommendations to the User relating to jobs preferred by the User.


6.1 These Product Terms shall become valid and take effect on May 2018. These Product Terms shall apply to contracts concluded before they took effect after seven (7) days from the day of the announcement of the change.

NELISEA s.r.o.


Update effective May 2018