Friday, September 29, 2023
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Cheaper per Pos.! + SoMe!

9 Months Package Validity

2 Social Media Publishings

BONUS Recruitment Tools

BONUS Management Tools

Price is Final – No VAT!


If you would like to post more than just one job, make your company name and logo more visible to the candidates that search on our website, plus we share all 3 of your positions on our Social Media! Then the ‘Connect’ package is for you.
Notice that although you pay to display positions on SeasonAbroad, we extend the reach of your company and positions on our Social Media, for almost FREE! Where thousands of people visit our profiles.

With the ‘Connect‘ package:

You save on the whole package!

You get each position at a cheap price! + publishing of all 3 of your vacancies, on our Social Media! – where we will promote your positions AND your company!

You can post 3 jobs on our website. Simultaneously.

Each job will be displayed for 40 days on both and our Facebook Pages and Groups

We will feature your company logo, name and 2 of your jobs on three of our most important pages;

  1. Home Page
  2. Job Maps Page
  3. About SeasonAbroad Page

The purchased package is valid for 9 months, during which time you can post your job vacancies

There is social media publishing included in this package for 2 of your job vacancies, meaning; 2 of your positions will be shared on all our official Facebook pages and groups and we will even occasionally mention some on Twitter

As a FREE BONUS, we are including recruitment tools that will help you in the search for new candidates

As another FREE BONUS, we are including management tools that will help you organise candidate applications and communication

Best of All! Our Price is Final! as we are NON-VAT. That means we are even cheaper than anyone else! πŸ™‚