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Inara and Dario moved to Prague (Czech Republic) more than 10 years ago as students. By that time, both already lived in different countries – Turkey, Denmark, Serbia, the United States, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Germany and Belgium.

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After finishing their studies at the university in Prague, they followed their separate professional paths, but continued to travel and explore the world. Having got acquainted with each other and seen that they both shared a passion for self-discovery and learning, they decided to launch the “SeasonAbroad” project – the go-to-resource for all those who want to travel, study, work and live abroad.

In addition to the portal, where Inara and Dario and their subscribers and readers share their stories, photos, video reports and experiences about traveling and living in other countries, they also released the first electronic publication in the form of a reference book about the Czech Republic for all those who want to study, work and live in the Czech Republic. Information about the educational system, universities, visas and arrival in the country, as well as information for all those who are looking for work in the Czech Republic, about employment options, the labour code, and the latest labuor market news, and finally about the cultural nuances and traditions of this country - all this is described in an electronic book, which can be purchased both in Russian and in English.

After living in Prague initially as students, then as residents, it was only natural for Inara and Dario to start their electronic publications from the first issue about the Czech Republic. Their next issue is planned to be at the request of the majority of subscribers about other European countries.

How did the idea of ​​SeasonAbroad come to your mind and what is the purpose of your project?


- The idea came up after my long stay in Malta. Working in the field of e-commerce and hotel business and having met a large number of people with the "baggage" of experience living in different countries, I realized how traveling, studying and working abroad are important decisive factors for self-knowledge, growth and broadening one's horizons. I also learned about all the reasons why many people decide not to try to live somewhere other than their country of birth and permanent residence. You will be surprised that most often this is not money, but the fear of the unknown, or reasons that no longer exist in the modern world without borders. I realized how important it is for a person to travel and discover new countries, cultures and how experience contributes to the formation of understanding, tolerance, character and self-confidence, and, also, human happiness. All this made me think “how can I make people aware of the importance of travel, help them take a step towards the unknown and inspire them.”

Decisions to move are not easily made by people due to the fact that they worry about all the obstacles without even trying and not taking steps forward. My goal was to create a community where people can get all the important information, make decision to change their environment and atmosphere, and only then think of what obstacles may there be.


- I and Dario moved to Prague many years ago and asked all the same questions as everyone: “how” and “what if”. Our portal is not only an information resource, but it also supported by people, on whose examples the rest of our subscribers and visitors can see that the most important thing for moving is to make a final decision and take “yourself” with you. We all worry about how our families or friends will perceive our move or our decisions to start a new life abroad.

Our mantra - you will not lose anything and nobody, but only gain. Your compass will always show you the right direction. Having seen more countries, having studied and worked abroad, you will only gain more experience, become closer to your goals of self-discovery. Each of us has his / her own way, and why not make it as interesting as possible as each and every one of us can see the world and show him / herself to it.

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What information can interested visitors and subscribers of your portal receive in your electronic publications, as well as on your official website?


- Our electronic publications (and our first issue was dedicated to the Czech Republic), which can be purchased on our website, firstly, contain motivational information. The first pages of our “guides” speak more about the importance of the change. We are also talking about the right choice of a university or college, employer and profession not in terms of whether you speak the local language or based on the advice of the loved ones. We focus on how to choose a place to move, a place of study that suits you personally, and not taking into account any other circumstances.

Further, we offer informational material for students, workers, or for those who are going to move to the Czech Republic for other reasons. All information regarding applying for visas, applying for a university, finding a job, starting a company or individual entrepreneurship, renting an apartment, our tips on everyday life in the Czech Republic and cultural features - our guide will give answers to all these questions. More than 100 pages on how to study, work and live in the Czech Republic are written by us based on our own experience.

Our publication in Russian and English was written not only for citizens of the countries who need visas when moving to the Czech Republic, but also separately for citizens of the European Union. We plan to issue such guides several times a year dedicated to life, work and study in different countries of Europe. We started from the Czech Republic, as this is our "Home".


- As for the Internet portal, our subscribers and visitors can familiarize themselves with real stories and experiences of people who study, live or work abroad, as well as get acquainted with various news, information on all areas of life in different countries, and also understand that moving should be driven by desire, not fear.

What issues do people who plan to move to another country or plan to find work abroad most often face?


- Unfortunately, all those interested in employment or in studying in another country immediately give themselves the demotivation talk that “I don’t know the language, I can’t find work or study,” or “how will I be alone in a foreign country” and of course, one of the most common excuses is "my culture is completely different - I will not be able to adapt." I and Dario are living examples of how everything can work out without an initial knowledge of the Czech language, but with knowledge of other languages, and in our case, Russian, English, Serbian and Danish; how without acquaintances, friends or family in the country of relocation it is possible to grow and grow up, and how people, being from different countries, are actually similar and can adapt, as well as share their culture.


- We also came to conclusion that many obstacles for people have an emotional connotation, rather than a practical one. In our electronic publications and portal, we offer an overview of all the scenarios - moving, arriving, studying, renting an apartment, finding a job - all this is available to everyone with a desire, purpose and plan.

What do people need to be prepared for when they move?


- With any such choice, be prepared for a change. Think about how this choice can affect your life in the long run and just be open to everything.

Do not forget that you are the one who manage this helm and decide what is important and necessary for your internal growth. Choose wisely and choose with all your heart and enjoy every moment.

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The Czech Republic is your home. Tell us, why are so many people traveling and moving to the Czech Republic for the purpose of work or study?


- Besides the fact that the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful places in the world, there are a million other reasons why so many people choose the Czech Republic as their next destination. However, in addition to beauty, it is also considered one of the safest countries in the world. Many people choose it because of its central location in Europe, but many also choose it as a safe haven and a place where they can build life for themselves and future generations.

Some of the best universities in the world can be found in the Czech Republic, because the Czech education system is based on a long tradition that began in 1774. The current literacy rate in the country is above 99%. Education in Czech language at public and state universities is free of charge, so many school graduates from different countries move to the Czech Republic three or four months before they start their studies, to take language courses and thereby enrol in the programs taught in Czech to study for free.


- Due to the low unemployment rate, the Czech Republic labour market is highly dependent on who is looking for employment. According to Eurostat statistics for March 2020, the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU (2.0%). The position of the Czech Republic right in the center of Europe also increases its attractiveness for many companies that choose Prague for their headquarters in Central Europe.

In addition, due to the laws on de-regulation of the European Union, information technology and telecommunication services are on the rise, which creates a high demand for employees in these sectors who do not need the Czech language, but rather international experience or a specific set of skills / knowledge. More and more start-up companies appear in the Czech Republic due to favourable conditions for starting a business and attracting external investors. This creates a demand for new recruits and hiring that can build a company from scratch.

And finally, what are your wishes to all those who would now like to go on a "long voyage"?


- Do not underestimate the long-term effect of travel on your perception of the world and what your true calling is. The goal of our project has always been to help other people strive for more and live fully.

The desire to learn, visit more countries and get to know other cultures is all that is needed to take a step forward into an invaluable experience. And you will surely become kinder, more tolerant, more knowledgeable and, of course, free and independent.


- Our advice is to never stop and visit as many countries as possible and create as many memories as possible. Live as incredibly as this world is. You are a citizen of the world - everything in it can belong to you if you open yourself and embrace it. We will be happy to help you with our advice in writing wonderful chapters of your life. Remember, you are the most important compass that you’d ever need.

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