Friday, September 29, 2023

Website – Ad Package

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Our company is NON-VAT.


Advertise your company or resort on our pages and increase the possibility of reaching the most relevant audience, in the most direct way!

How It Works: SeasonAbroad provides its job seekers and general visitors a very useful section called “Tips & Advice” , amongst many others, where we constantly write about various countries, interesting facts and of course; tips and advice for visiting, moving or working in each of those countries.

We continuously add more and more countries to the list, as well as information on these.

The information on each of these ‘country’ pages is purely about that specific country, and therefore makes them a perfect place for advertising your company or resort.

Advertising on these sections can be achieved without purchasing any of the “Job Packages Ads” that companies purchase to publish vacancies on SeasonAbroad. The ‘Website – Ad Package’ can be purchased as a stand-alone package.

Benefits of Advertising on SeasonAbroad: – Candidates visiting these pages are already interested in your location – Your company name and logo will be seen by the most relevant audience – Your company does not have to be searching for employees. You can advertise just to make your company and its name more visible to thousands of visitors – The pages are written in a very positive manner and that feeling is transferred to and associated with your company as well – The pages are set up to enable candidates to share them on their Social Media, which significantly increases your exposure as a company as well – You can choose to purchase the ‘Website – Ad Package’ in combination with a ‘Jobs Package’, or entirely as a stand-alone package

Who Can Benefit from the ‘Website – Ad Package’: – A real estate company that offers accommodation to new movers – A hotel for tourists – Companies offering entertainment and interesting things to do in your spare time – Companies and resorts that do not necessarily look for employees at the moment, but would like to increase their visibility and brand awareness – Summer or Winter holiday resorts – And pretty much any company that would normally advertise towards either locals, people that consider moving to the country, or even tourist that are planning to travel there! – It is inexpensive. You save thousands of euro compared, for example to other forms of advertising – Very targeted! Less complicated than other online advertising mediums such as advertising on search engines. – And best of all, buying one ‘Website – Ad Package’, will give you exposure for 2 whole months!

Instructions: After purchasing the ‘Website – Ad Package’, you will provide us the name and logo of your company that you wish to advertise. Please provide the image in either the (.ai) or (.eps) format. Alternatively, if you do not have a file of your logo in either of those formats, you can send us the image in the (.png) format. However, we always recommend the first two, for best results.

Depending on your payment method; your logo may appear on our website either the same day, or as soon as we receive the payment on our account, (this may take up to 3 days). We’ll always send you a confirmation e-mail.

Note: You will have the opportunity to upload your company logo image on the checkout page. Please have it ready, as it will be needed for the order to be completed.

SeasonAbroad thanks you for your confidence and trust in us, and it is our pleasure to offer you our service. SeasonAbroad reserves the right to reject orders or images that are not serious, or for any other reason that we believe is not in SeasonAbroad’s best interest.